Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Your Heart's Desire

Photo credit: pippalou from morguefile.com

If you feel swamped by all the opinions coming at you. If you feel stuck in patterns that don't serve you, or any relationship you are in. If you are afraid to take risks anymore because of the countless hurts you've experienced in the past.

If any or all of these are true, it's time to pause. Time to tune out the noise of the world around you and listen to what's coming up. To feel the fear. The confusion. The angst. The loneliness. To let all of that move through you until the truth of the moment calls. Everyone has had those moments when something seems to click, where all the effort to find an answer breaks down and suddenly a voice or an understanding appears and you know just what to do. A lot of us tend to think this kind of thing is accidental, or a stroke of good luck, but neither of those is really true.

Learn to quiet down, slow down, and listen for the truth of the moment. Just sitting down for 5 minutes and letting the thoughts and feelings move through you without acting on them can be a major help. Instead of being a slave to society's narratives about relationships, or your friend's and family's narratives about them, you can finally learn what is it that your heart desires. And locating that, it will be that much easier to listen to the heart's desire of the person you're with. In other words, you can be fully alive and authentic with each other.

But it all starts with you, and your willingness to slow down and listen for your heart's desire, again and again.


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