Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If You Write About Sex, They Will Come

That's one of the things I have learned as a blogger. It doesn't matter the overarching subject matter. You can be writing about religion. Politics. Relationships. The life of squirrels. Just about anything. And if the focus is on sex, it's almost a given you're daily blog traffic will double at the very least.

It's not surprising I suppose, but it speaks volumes that the gobs of folks will devour a poorly written sex advice post, while barely more than a few seem interested in the finer points of loving well. I've seen it here. I've seen it on dozens of other blogs across disciplines.

If you write about sex, they will come. This post isn't about sex. It just has the word sex in it. Over and over again. Sex. Sex. Sex.

Who knew our attention could be owned by a three little letters, and their meaning...


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    follow me and I am already following you. I have other blogs that I am working on as well but I think this one will touch on what you are talking about/

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