Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Four Rules for Relationships

Four basic rules for approaching relationships, including with yourself:

1. Be positive and/or truthful. Sometimes being truthful looks negative, but learn to distinguish that from what is actually negative: whining, excessive complaining, self pity, blaming others, etc.

2. Don’t obsess about results, other lack there of. If you are not having any luck, experiment with a different approach. Don’t let perceived rules or gender roles limit your experimentation.

3. If you find yourself getting bitter, step away and take a break from what you are currently doing.

4. Stop being swayed by the endless amounts of contradictory advice out there and learn to feel confident and secure in who you are. That way, whether you are single or with someone, ecstatic with where you are or not, you won’t be controlled by feelings of desperation and the whims of others.

*Photo is of my nephew. He's got all this down pat so far.
If you like photography, more of my photos can be found here.


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