Friday, September 9, 2011

The Friday Five

Five somewhat random comments from yours truly in response to various dating blog posts and comments.

1. When men pay for a first date, they are mostly following social convention, or are trying to avoid rejection because of perceived cheapness.

2. If you hold firmly to what you believe is the definition of rude or inconsiderate, chances are you'll reject a hell of a lot of your dates, including some that might actually be potential good matches.

3. Applying "traditional" dating rules and expectations to online dating and dating total strangers might be a mistake. Maybe it's just me, but some of the expectations people have (men and women) around first dates with strangers seem to be through the roof unreasonable.

4. I think these are good questions to consider while on a first date with someone.
Is he or she attentive to you, and/or is a good listener? Is your date open to new ideas? Does the person have a sense of humor? Do they to have some lightness about mistakes and difficulties from their past? (By lightness I mean not bitter, heavy, angry, or obsessed about things from their past). And are you actually enjoying yourself?

5. If you think no one "good enough" is out there, perhaps you also believe, maybe unconsciously, that you're not good enough.


  1. I honestly agree that men pay on the first date because we don't want to be called cheap hehe but on the following dates we are requesting for sharing bills, wonderful post!

    Zero Dramas

  2. I agree with all of them, especialy the one about paying for women. we just do it because if we don't, she will cry out for cheapness and "not being a gentelman".