Sunday, June 26, 2011

Formal Dating Blows

Sometimes anyway. I was just thinking about how, for example, my sister has rarely if ever gone on a formal date. That her relationships have come from meeting someone in her friendship circle, or within the context of some activity she's involved with, or through some other informal means.

This has happened to me as well. But I have also been on numerous dates with either strangers, or near strangers, where there was something formal set up. And where we deliberately got together to "see" if we had any connection and attraction between each other. Which often the answer has been "No." or "Not really."

I don't think one way is better than another really. However, if pressed, I would say I prefer just meeting someone, and having things develop as they will. Just seems more natural that way, and less likely to be forced.

Of course, that preference doesn't stop me from continuing to do the more "formal" thing.

It's just something I got to thinking about again, having spent the day with my family yesterday.


  1. My immediate reaction to seeing the title of this post was "Hell yeah!" My reaction after reading it is "Agreed!"

  2. I had a hell yeah moment writing that title! :)

  3. I am so glad I do not have to worry about all the dating shit anymore! I would rather be fucked in my ass by a huge black man than to have to play the whole dating game. Because really that is all it is. One big game or one lame interview.

  4. I just saw your picture btw. How is it that you are single still? You are an attractive guy. If anything you should at least be having girls offer to give you head at least once a week.

  5. Quite vivid comments there Mrs. Pickle.

    Thanks for the compliment. I don't know for sure why it is that I'm still single, although it's not like I have been single for years and years. My last relationship basically ended last August, so not terribly long ago.

  6. The "formal thing" as you call it, is a blind date. People went on these long before the invention of on-line dating and yeah, it always had the nuances of a job interview - is this going to be a good fit? An okay fit? A non-fit? And like a job interview, even if it went pleasantly, you don't know what the other person was really thinking.

    Meeting in person first, then deciding whether to go on an actual date is less stressful I would imagine for anyone. On-line dating just puts more potential people in your path.

  7. I tend to like informal dating over formel one. one time, i was intorduced to a woman, my sister's friend, she was very nice at first, but a bit of a needy, sticky woman. i decided to not call her again. she got angry at this, called my sister and made a scene with her, my sister got very angry at me and i felt like shi* for weeks!